TBC Classic

TBC Classic Addons

Details! Damage Meter

Details! Damage Meter 0.00 KB 452 downloads

Details! for Burning Crusade: https://www.curseforge.com/wow/addons/details-damage-meter-burning-crusade MORE...
Deadly Boss Mods (DBM)

Deadly Boss Mods (DBM) 0.00 KB 403 downloads

https://www.patreon.com/deadlybossmods Supporter Benefits https://github.com/DeadlyBossMods/DeadlyBossMods/wiki/DBM-Supporter-Benefits-Info Some...

Pawn 0.00 KB 290 downloads

Find upgrades, do more damage, win. Pawn helps you find upgrades for your gear and...

VuhDo 0.00 KB 32 downloads

What is VuhDo? VuhDo is a raid monitor similar to CTRaidAssist or Blizzards built-in...

Bagnon 0.00 KB 32 downloads

Clean inventory, time saved Bagnon is the #1 popular replacement of the bag interface,...
Scrap (Junk Seller)

Scrap (Junk Seller) 0.00 KB 30 downloads

Scrap sells all your junk when you visit a merchant. What makes it different from...

AtlasLootClassic 0.00 KB 28 downloads

AtlasLoot Classic is an UI mod allowing for loot tables of bosses to be browsed whenever...

Questie 0.00 KB 27 downloads

Questie, the Classic Quest Helper Questie is a quest helper for World of Warcraft:...

OmniBar 0.00 KB 27 downloads

Features OmniBar is easily customizable, and has a rich feature set. Customizable...
CharacterStatsClassic (Character Stats Classic)

CharacterStatsClassic (Character Stats Classic) 0.00 KB 21 downloads

CharacterStatsClassic is an addon for WoW Classic which displays more character...

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