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Necrosis is an addon to help Warlocks manage their playstyle effectively.

The UI is composed of several distinct parts:

·         The main sphere button for important abilities (life tap, metamorphosis, drain soul, etc)

·         Menus for castable spells, curses or summoning demons

·         Buttons to create special items, summon mounts, or use certain objects (healthstone, soulstone, etc)

·         Timers for dots, cooldowns and ability procs

·         Sound notifications for important events (Shadowtrance, Backlash, etc)

·         Built-in macros to help with crowd control (Banish, Fear, Seduce) or performing rituals

·         Easy keybinding

·         nearly everything in Necrosis can be placed anywhere on your screen

·         and more features (to be added - soon!)


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