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If, like me, you’ve had to have your latest weapon or armour restored by Blizzard because you accidentally sold it or disenchanted it. This is the add-on for you!

IGuard is inspired but an old add-on called ItemGuard. It simply did not let you sell things that you told it not too.

It’s has a number of features to protect your items:

·         Automatically stops protected items from being sold (configurable).

·         Warns you when you are about to destroy (e.g. disenchant) a protected item (configurable).

·         Automatically protects items that are in your equipment sets (configurable).

·         Automatically protects Epic and above items (configurable).

·         Automatically Protects Rare items (configurable).

·         Automatically protects items that you define (Custom List).

·         New: Enable/Disable Sound.

·         New:Indicates protected items in their tool-tips.

·         New: Pressing the CTRL key when dropping an item in the buyback window (i.e. selling) will allow you to sell it even if it is protected.


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