Healers Have To Die

Healers Have To Die

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I originally chose the original name as a provocation to make one of the basic cruel truths of World of Warcraft perfectly obvious to everyone. Now I find this name too harsh, too long and mostly not specific enough to WoW. As an author I could not stand that name anymore. This add-on does have an existence (and meaning) both in WoW and in the real world where obviously we don't want the death of our beloved healers... While H.H.T.D is just an acronym of the original name, it will stay in World of Warcraft where it belongs. Current features: • HHTD automatically adds healer symbols on top of players nameplate indicating their class and healing rank. Unlike other add-ons it only takes into account actively healing players. (It uses different symbols for friends and foes). • HHTD lets you apply custom marks on top of any unit's nameplate. These are the same marks as the default raid markers but you can set as many as you want and customize their look. These marks persist across game sessions. (They are only visible to you)


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