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This is an AddOn designed to easily copy chat. The focus of this work was to use as little system ressources as possible. In version 3 most of the core code was revisited and optimized. The main feature of this AddOn is obviously copying chat. To do so, you have to click on the timestamp created in front of each line. You can of course replace the timestamp with any custom word / letter. Timestamp behavior: - normal click: Opens a small window containing the chat line. You can then mark the text and copy it using [Ctrl]+[C] to paste it later, or in different Applications (paste: [Ctrl]+[V] ) - normal click while the chatbox is opened: will paste the line into the chatbox - shift click: Instantly pastes the line to the last "sticky" chat-type (guild, raid, party...) - shift click while the chatbox is opened: Instantly pastes the line to the whatever chat-type your editbox is set to (especially usefull for pasting in whisper)


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