Easy Frames

Easy Frames

Easy Frames
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  • January 9, 2021 Create Date
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This addon is a fork of GhettoFrames (but it's only visual fork, because all code written from scratch).


  • ClassColored healthbars
  • Bigger healthbars
  • Scalable frames
  • Light/dark frames textures
  • Improved mana/health format
  • Classicons instead of portraits option
  • Changeable Bartextures
  • Custom buff size
  • Highlight dispelled (or steal-able) buffs
  • Limitations of count displayed buffs/debuffs
  • Show/hide some unit frames elements (like name, specialbar, rest icon, etc)
  • Show/hide blizzard's target castbar
  • Save/restore positions of frames between characters
  • Easy Frames is also available for WoW Classic

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