Defile Guard

Defile Guard

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His addon provides several special warning messages for The Lich King's defile in 25er hard mode.

The messages are displayed in green, red or orange colored text. Additional sounds are played to support the player.


·         Fastest possible spell and target detection for the defile cast of the LK

·         Tracking of important combat events (= fails) to the predefined log channel "dgkms" (see /dg lead):

o    Which player stepped into the Shadow Trap

o    Which player was the defile spell target and who stepped in the puddle (triggered defilement)

·         Shows the defile spell cast of the LK and starts a 2 second countdown (text + sound)

·         Shows the defile cooldown in orange text z.B. "Defile in 3 seconds"...

·         Monitors the target of the defile and warns if on the player: Flashes the screen + red text message "Defile on you - Run to throne!" + sound "Run away little girl!"

·         Monitors the defile distance and warns: "Defile near you - Run!" + sound "Run away!"

·         Monitors the defile debuff and warns: "Defilement on you - Run!" + sound "Run away!"

·         Monitors the distance to the defile debuff (11 yards): "Defilement near you - Run!" + sound

·         Shows a green text message if your position is safe: "Defile - Save Spot"

·         Shows (optionally) if the necrotic plague is on you

·         Minimal cpu impacts (no in fight scanning or chat spamming)

Important :

The Lich King must be in your focus target to track the defile cast correctly. All players in raid should use the addon to take maximum benefit.


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