Dailies Quest Tracker

Dailies Quest Tracker

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This is a Broker Dailies Quest Tracker Addon, that will keep track of the dailies that you have done for the day. All libraries are included. You will need to have some sort of Broker container in order to use this addon. (I.E. Fortress, DockingStation, NinjaPanel, etc..) • Shift-Left-Clicking on a quest title, will paste the quest link in the chat-box. • Control-Left-Clicking a quest title will open that quest within the Quest Log. This will only work if you currently have the quest. • Left-Clicking the Broker icon will open your Quest Log. • Right-Clicking the Broker icon will open the settings for Dailies Quest Tracker. • You can track multiple toons (Horde/Alliance) to keep track of dailies done on all of them. Right now, if you have characters with the same names on different realms, issues may arise with tracking. • Filter out groups you have no interest in watching. • Shows reputation from factions and will color the faction based on your current standings. You can also display your current standings in the group headers. • If you have any announcement addons (Scrolling Combat Text, Blizzard UI, Parrot) you can have it announce to those scrollers.

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