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The goal of this addon is to allow easy optimizing of the mage talent Combustion. It tracks all relevant Dots on your target, your cooldown of Combustion so you'll be able to use the talent with maximum effectiveness. To summarize the new talent : it will add a new Dot on effect on your target which will be equal to the sum of Ignite and Pyroblast Dots. With this addon, you'll know if one of your Dot is missing. CombustionHelper is composed of the main addon and 2 bundled other addons : CauterizeCooldown and MageBombTracker. Here is their main features : CombustionHelper main addon: • Automatic switch depending if combustion is in your spellbook or not. • Autohide out of combat is off by default, use config panel to configure it. You can choose between no autohide, autohide out of combat or autohide when combustion is on cd. • Reset variables option because i know some of you like to bug the thing by switching options while in combat/autohide is running and stuff. If you bug it, just reset and log off so you start with a clean state. • Option to hide all config messages in chat. • Dot tick damage report mode. This is not the expected combustion damage report because of the complexity of ignite, rather an information about how much damage the last tick did so you know if it's powerful enough. • Pyroblast/Hot Streak report mode which will warn you when wasted an Hot Streak proc will letting it be refreshed before getting used and at end of combat will report number of refreshed Hot Streak. • Timer for Combustion Dot on target. • Flamestrike tracker supporting regular flamestrike. • Tooltips for option panel settings, no more obscure settings. • Ignite munching report, so you know how much damage you lost because of buggy mechanics. • Graphical options so you can make it the way you want. • Localisation in English, Deutsch, French and Chinese (feel free to report typos…) (thanks to Hambo and Plueschbaer from MMO-C forums for deutsch version) • Threshold option to activate color change of background when Ignite cross the specified value. • Audio warning when ignite value reach the threshold. • Combustion tick damage and number prediction. • Missing Pyromaniac buff warning (who wouldn't want 10% more damage on main nuke ?) • Heating Up available warning


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