BtWQuests: Legion

BtWQuests: Legion

BtWQuests: Legion
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Legion quest lines for BtWQuests

Currently supported quest lines are as follows:

  • Balance of Power
  • Light's Heart
  • Artifact Acquisition and Empowerment
  • Class Campaigns
  • 7.2 Follower campaigns and class mounts
  • All 5 chapters of Azsuna
  • All 7 chapters of Val'Sharah
  • All 7 chapters of Hightmountain
  • All 8 chapters of Stormheim
  • All 11 chapters of Suramar as well as Insurrection
  • Most of the Broken Shore quest lines
  • Most of the Argus quest lines
  • Profession quest lines
  • Silithus Epilogue

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