We are a group of young, creative and innovative developers of the website www.bestwowaddons.com. Our vision is to offer an easier, faster and more systematic access to the various accessories of the popular online game World of Warcraft, according to the »one stop shop« principle.

We joined forces to gather as many accessories for each of the 6 episodes of the World of Warcraft online game as possible in order to make you game playing more entertaining and creative. We further strive to collect even more accessories for each part of the game.

A considerable amount of time has already been spent for this project to develop the high-quality website www.bestwowaddons.com. All the accessories on the website have been tested and are thus reliable and in working order. In the future, we are planning to upgrade all the accessories by adding them photos and short descriptions.

All Addons on our website are completely free!

If you have any questions please conect us